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Ibew Wages By State. IBEW apprenticeships use a rating chart that specifies apprentice wages by hours, year of training, or both. Benefits in addition to your wage: *Health and Welfare benefits for you and your family.

Securing an IBEW Local Union #332 Wage and Welfare Bond
Securing an IBEW Local Union #332 Wage and Welfare Bond (Verna Bates)
My wife and I will be moving out of state within a year or two and I've been trying to find what the wages are in different locals but I'm finding it annoyingly difficult to find such info so maybe folks would like to share the info. Electricians in the IBEW have negotiated minimum wage rates for all skill levels so it is important to get classified. Excellent pay and benefits for you and your family.

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You are paid wages the union establishes, and your union Most states have journeymen and master electrician licenses.

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Inside wiremen wage rate - effective jul. Learn about the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' training, apprenticeship program and wages in Wichita, Kansas. IBEW welcomes everyone who brings a competent attitude, good work ethic, and desire to become a professional electrical craftsperson.