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Lvn Nurse Job Description. Licensed Vocational Nurse or LVN provides basic bedside care to the patients. Duties and Responsibilities of an LVN are Examples of LPN / LVN Nurse job descriptions from real companies.

LVN Job Description Sample Template - ZipRecruiter
LVN Job Description Sample Template - ZipRecruiter (Fannie Brown)
Below is a guide to assist the aspiring LPN with joining the career and avoiding common pitfalls. Licensed vocational nurse (LVN) is a job title mainly specific to Texas and California. Example of a Nurse job summary.

And, nurses are in demand all across the country, which means you can opt for a change of scenery without damaging your career.

The LVN title is only used in Texas and California.

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License nurse vocational.

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Their duties generally include providing routine care, observing patients' health. It is a good career choice for individuals who are interested in the field of nursing. Becoming an LPN/LVN allows you to get experience and see if nursing is a good fit for you before Is an LPN/LVN a promising job?