How To Be A Movie Extra

Full and part time jobs with good salary

How To Be A Movie Extra. How much does a movie extra usually get paid? If you're looking for information on how to be a movie extra because you're planning to become a professional actor, being an extra shouldn't be your first step.

Hundreds show up for chance to be in 'Oildale' film | News ...
Hundreds show up for chance to be in 'Oildale' film | News ... (Craig Boone)
Become a Movie Extra in Six Easy Steps. They fill up a scene whether on the street, a crowd in a market or sports game, or as other diners in a restaurant, and surround the actors to make the scenes feel more authentic. As an aspiring walk on or background actor, you may not care or even need to keep headshots on hand.

All Extras are considered freelance workers.

Actors use them to help get work.

Hundreds show up for chance to be in 'Oildale' film | News ...

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As for how easy or hard it is to get a gig as an extra, if you're patient and have a flexible schedule, this doesn't seem terribly difficult from all accounts What is difficult is getting enough work to make a career out of it, though there are a select few who've managed this. Learn how to become an Extra in TV shows, movies, commercials, and streamers like Netflix. There are plenty of good reasons to be an extra for commercials, TV, and film.