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Types Of Biologist. Wildlife biologists travel the world examining different. A Brief Description of Wildlife Biologists.

NMSU biology professors research squid, bacteria for NASA ...
NMSU biology professors research squid, bacteria for NASA ... (Troy Dean)
Some work with microorganisms while others study multicellular organisms. Their main duties include conducting experiments, caring for sick and injured sea creatures and monitoring. Other types of biologists include marine biologists, botanists, physiologists, zoologists, agricultural Often, private sector biologists work as consultants to businesses or in testing development for.

A Marine Biologist, or Marine Life Biologist, studies and researches the ocean and aquatic life.

Biologists can pursue careers in diverse fields, including wildlife biology, forensic biology, microbiology, environmental biology and bioengineering.

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Types - Biologists

Types - Biologists

Types - Biologists

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There is much overlap between different fields, and it is often hard to classify a biologist. Some deal with the macroscopic world, and others with the microscopic. There are many types of biologists.